The Baghdad Eucharist

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By:Antoon, Sinan
Translated by:Tabet, Maia
Series:Hoopoe Fiction
Publisher:The American University in Cairo Press
Imprint:The American University in Cairo Press
ISBN/EAN:9774168208 / 9789774168208
Pagination:136 pages

Youssef and Maha are distant relatives who find themselves living together in their native Baghdad, seeking shelter and solace from the increasing turmoil that surrounds them. While Youssef is old and has lived through many good years, Maha is young and has seen only sanctions and war. Her life has been shattered by the sectarian violence engulfing Iraq, a country she feels no longer belongs to her.

As the chaos in the country inevitably seeps into their household, a rare argument between Maha and Youssef breaks out, as this fateful day takes an unexpected and calamitous turn. Set over 24 hours, The Baghdad Eucharist unravels through the lives of one Christian family; it speaks both to Iraq's peaceful past, as well as its tragic and painful present.