The 1% and the Rest of Us

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The 1% and the Rest of Us : A Political Economy of Dominant Ownership

By:Di Muzio, Tim

Publisher:Zed Books Ltd
Imprint:Zed Books Ltd
ISBN/EAN:1783601426 / 9781783601424
Pagination:256 pages, illustrations
Dimensions:216 x 138 mm, 318 grams
Country of Pub.:United Kingdom
Pub Date:12/03/2015

While the Occupy movement faces many strategic and organizational challenges, one of its major accomplishments has been to draw global attention to the massive disparity of income, wealth and privilege held by 1% of the population in nations across the world. In The 1% and the Rest of Us, Tim Di Muzio explores what it means to be part of a socio-economic order presided over by the super-rich and their political servants. Incorporating provocative and original arguments about philanthropy, social wealth and the political role of the super-rich, Di Muzio reveals how the 1% are creating a world unto themselves in which the accumulation of ever more money is really a symbolic drive to control society and the natural environment.