An Iraqi in Paris

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By Samuel Shimon

Translated by Piers Amodia and Christina Phillips.

"This is the unmade movie Samuel Shimon has been planning to make since he left his hometown in Iraq, in January 1979. Though he can't show us yet, he sure can tell, the cunningly iconoclastic storyteller that he is. Instead of reaching Hollywood, as he'd planned, he ends up in Paris, living between bars, metro stations and other friends, dreaming of writing a script about the deaf and dumb baker, who had been his father, and getting Robert de Niro to play the lead. he ends up writing an enchanting text about his childhood in that wretched hometown, as a cinema buff." - Anton Shammas

"It is a wonderful text. Full of life and art. An autobiography full of humour, irony, noblesse and sadness. It reminds me of George Orwell's great book Down and Out in Paris and London" - Alaa Al Aswany, author if The Yacoubian Building